Sunday, 23 January 2011

Art it is! - Part 2

Hi guys, continuing with my lessons, I picked up these really great tutorials online, which I am embedding here if anyone is impressed by my work and wishes to start using yourself :)

Below is a series of tutorials by "ozwalled2007" on YouTube. The first two are very useful, and the third one is quite basic, but still t.hey are a series and I don't want to break them up, so here they are.

Part I
This part shows the use of layers, color, brushes, grid and rule.

Part II
This part shows the selection of color tones and saving palettes.

Part III
This shows how to open existing files and close them (basic) :).

So those were some easy tutorials and I dabbled around and drew many a things. Let me display my artwork in future posts. Until then, happy painting!

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